Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Good Fellas (2007) -13 Women


Albums: 13 Women
Released:  2007
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size:  147 MB

”The most cursory glance down the roster of America’s most popular troubadours, immediately reveals one prime and inescapable fact, the majority are of Italian-American extraction. Caruso, Sinatra, Como, Prima, Monte, Bennett, Darin…the list seems endless. “Why”, many an eager bobby-soxer has asked “are so many of the great singers Italian?” Why, indeed? The answer is, of course, to step into the history and folkways of a people that it would take thousands of words to explain. But, we can briefly say, it’s because of their warm-hearted, unrestrained humour and passion for life. As a part of this good company we can find “THE GOOD FELLAS”. Better known as the “GANGSTERS OF SWING”, dressed in old fashioned, strictly Italian made, double breast Capone suites, wearing two tone shoes, laughing at life like everyone does deep down in the land of pizza and mandolino. To be a “good fellow” means to be a true gentleman, loyal and respectful of strong heritage and traditions. It means to smell of the full Italian flavour, while always hungry for a lady’s kiss among the scene of a Neapolitan moonlight. What they do best is the well-known, truly genuine, Italian way of entertaining known the World over. Swingin and jokin’ all the time with the audience in that half Italian, half English, macaroni language. This band truly swings from “Oh Marie”, “Tu vuo fa l’americano” to Basie’s “Tickle Toe”, and from Haley’s “A rockin’ little tune” to Lou Monte’s Italian version of Fats Domino’s classic Rock’n’Roll “I’m Walkin”. They walk the junction between Italian American and Afro American music, follow the steps of the giants of swing era, spacing from a shuffle beat to a Philly houserock to Texas blues. Like many of the Italian citizens of the World War II age, the GOOD FELLAS feel the “American Dream”, falling in love with the American brashness, cleverness, then impossible madness, but never really thinkin’ to leave the Country of sea and sun, their food, their roots.”
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                1              Ruby The Redheaded Bartender                                    
                2              Il Tuo Bacio E' Come Un Rock                                       
                3              Rick'n'roll Boogie                                
                4              Okie Dokie Stomp                                              
                5              Dracula Cha Cha Cha                                       
                6              Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens                                              
                7              Sentirsi Solo                                         
                8              Return Of Sofisticated Ledar                                           
                9              Kansas City                                         
                10           Those Lips (I'm Livin' For)                                
                11           I'll Never Fall in Love Again                                             
                12           I Get A Kick Out Of You                                   
                13           You Rescued Me                                
                14           Walkin' With Mr.S                                              
                15           Il Ribelle                                               
                16           Tickle Toe                                            
                17           Grasshopper                                        
                18           Thirteen Women

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