Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Peoples Temple (2012) -More For The Masses / Looter's Game

Artist:  The Peoples Temple
Albums: More For The Massses / Looter’s Game
Release date:  2012
Quality: mp3 VBR ~260
Size:  83+11 MB

”The People's Temple don't sound so much like a garage-rock band circa 2011 as they do a garage-rock band circa 1966. They aren't just vaguely reminiscent of Love or the Seeds or Out of Our Heads-era Stones, they're practically the spitting image, scuzzy and scrappy and, most of all, urgent. Though the sounds they mine may be familiar, they hit on the same quality that makes Nuggets-era rock'n'roll so exciting: that leave-it-on-the-line feeling that these guys are putting a summer's worth of lawnmowing money at risk to lay this racket dow. ©

LP Tracklist:
1 More For The Masses                    
2 Blinding City                   
3 Nevermore                       
4 Texas Revisited                              
5 Looter's Game                 
6 House Of Fools                               
7 Restless                             
8 Loose (Fire)                      
9 (The) Forest Speaks                       
10 Fortune Teller                               
11 Right From Wrong                       
12 One Million To One                     
13 The River (Donovan's Song)                     
14 (Dark Dreams) Distant Memories

7” Tracklist:
1 Looter’s Game                                
2 Highs And Lows                             

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