Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seasick Steve (2011) -Walkin' Man (The Best of Seasick Steve)

Artist: Seasick Steve
Album: Walkin’ Man (the Best of Seasick Steve)
Released: 2011
Quality: CBR 320
Size: 194 MB

”Like T-Model Ford, Seasick Steve (aka Steve Wold) began recording his own music much later in life than other musicians. A storytelling singer reviving traditional country blues, Wold spent his childhood in California, but left home at 14. As a hobo, he traveled for several years, jumping trains and working odd jobs. After drifting around the U.S. and Europe, he finally ended up in Norway. Aside from his respectable musical background (which includes recording early Modest Mouse, appearing on BBC television, and playing with John Lee Hooker), Wold is also noted for his unusual custom-made stringed instruments. By the time he was in his sixties, he'd finally released some official material. His first solo album, Doghouse Music, out in late 2006, was performed almost entirely by Wold. Another record, Cheap, was recorded with the Swedish rhythm section the Level Devils. An amorous seven-track Valentine’s Day EP called Songs for Elisabeth (six of the cuts were culled from previous releases) arrived in 2010. With a rustic and at time almost punk blues approach to his material, Wold increasingly merged country blues trance boogie with a street holler voice that makes Tom Waits seem like a mainstream crooner, and the best of his songs carry a hard-earned wisdom that can only come from living on the street one block over from the edge of civility.” ~by Kenyon Hopkin,

1. Dog House Boogie
2. Cheap
3. I Started Out with Nothin' and I Still Got Most of It Left
4. Diddley Bo
5. Thunderbird
6. Happy Man
7. Cut My Wings
8. Treasures
9. St. Louis Slim
10. 8-Ball
11. Don't Know Why She Loves Me But She Do
12. Walkin' Man
13. You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
14. Fallen Off a Rock
15. The Banjo Song
16. Never Go West
17. My Donny
18. Prospect Lane
19. Xmas Prison Blues
20. That's All
21. Dark


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