Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Various Artists (1998) -Not The Same Old Blues Crap

Artist: various
Album: Not the Same Old Blues Crap
Released: 1998
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 107 MB

1. I'm Insane [From Peewee Get My Gun] - T-Model Ford
2. Meet Me in the City [From All Night Long] - Junior Kimbrough
3. Come Right In [From 20 Miles] - 20 Miles
4. Snake Drive [From Mr. Wizard] - R.L. Burnside
5. Crack Whore Blues [From Souls on Fire] - The Neckbones
6. Lonesome Road [From Most Things Haven't Worked Out] - Junior Kimbrough
7. Have Mercy Baby [From Off Yonder Wall] - The Jelly Roll Kings
8. Come on In [Live][#] - R.L. Burnside
9. Been Here and Gone [From Takes One to Know One] - Elmo Williams
10. Little Eddie Blues [From Robert Cage Can See What You're Doing] - Robert Cage
11. Your Memories [From What the Hell Was I Thinking] - Hasil Adkins

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